Vertical fishing

Vertical fishing is uncomplicated, effective and great fun.
The method is becoming more and more popular by the year, and works well for zander, perch and pike, while skilled anglers can also catch char and trout.

Fishing vertically is as the name suggests, to drop a line straight down from a boat and try to get the fish to bite. It is best to use a jig lure or a fish as bait. This method is also known as jigging. An echo sounder or plotter are necessary and effective accessories to help find the fish you are looking for. If you use a modern echo sounder that shows both the bait and fish, it is exciting to watch as the fish gets closer and closer to the bait. It’s like watching a live TV broadcast.

Buying a vertical rod will ensure the best possible results. You can use it with both a Haspel and a multiplier reel. A pretty thin braided line is best to use as it does not stretch which means you have maximum contact with the bait and it cuts through the water easily. It is worth having several different kinds of jig in different sizes and colours, as you never know beforehand what the fish will go for on any particular day. Skilled enthusiasts prefer an electric motor on their fishing boat as they can glide through the water almost in silence looking for fish.

Vertical fishing also means you do not have to worry so much about the weather, wind and time of year as you have the technology to help you find where the fish are, and then drop your line at that exact location.
This makes it less of a game of chance and more fish to take home.

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