Boat Models

Electric boat

Electric boats are on the rise with boat owners. For shorter trips where you really want to enjoy nature and the lake, the electric motor is perfect. Pioner has different choices of electric motors in different strengths.

Pioner 11 Easy

Basic Price: 3,200 GBP

Pioner 13

Basic Price: 3,350 GBP

Pioner 12 Maxi

Basic Price: 3,295 GBP

Pioner 10 Classic

Basic Price: 2,695 GBP

Pioner 8 Mini

Basic Price: 1,695 GBP

260 Steady by Pioner

Basic Price: 1,795 GBP

320 Steady by Pioner

Basic Price: 3,195 GBP

Boats that are customised for electric engines

Pioner has several boat models adapted for electric operation, climate-smart and quiet, they take you out on water adventures.Pioner 11 is a new boat model from Pioner, completely customised for electric motors. Modern and safe, it takes you to both mountain lakes and the archipelago.

With plenty of space and a flexible hull, moulded in recyclable polyethylene, the Pioner 11 will be a climate-smart boat for those who want to experience the lake in a new way, without engine noise and exhaust fumes.