Fishing from a boat

A fishing trip in your own boat is a fantastic experience for the whole family, whether you are a beginner or more experienced. We talked to a long-time lover of leisure fishing Christofer Brugge, who grew up in the Stockholm archipelago and now has a family of his own.

“I used to go out in a boat before I even got a moped. There’s not much else to do when you live on a small island,” says Brugge, who fishes all year round these days.

He grew up in an archipelago and has been fishing since he was knee high to a grasshopper. He now fishes both on his own and with his children.

“Fishing is a reason to get outside, but I love spending time with my kids, which is fantastic. They think it’s great to come along, to go for a trip in the boat, camp and fish for perch. Light a camp fire in the evening. That’s really fun.”

Having a stable boat makes it easier to stand up and move around the boat safely. The right size is also important, if the boat is too small, it can easily become overloaded and more difficult to drive. Brugge says that it’s also very much about being experienced and at home on the water.

“On a fine day with a gentle breeze, you can do all kinds of fishing from a boat, but it’s important not to head out in conditions that are tougher than the boat and skipper can manage.”

Having technology such as an echo sounder is wonderful, but he doesn’t think that is the most important thing for a great fishing trip.
“You can also have some good fishing without this kind of equipment, but all these aids make it easier. An echo sounder tells you how deep the water is, for example, but if you want as much information as possible, it is better not to drive too fast. It’s a good tool when used correctly.”

The best chance of getting a bite is to know a bit more about the fish you want to catch, such as where they tend to lurk and what they like to eat. You also need to take the temperature of the water into account.

“Two degrees warmer or cooler can make all the difference as to whether or not you catch anything.”

Brugge has invested in an electric motor for his fishing boat. He thinks being able to move around almost silently and not having to drop the anchor to keep the boat still is a big advantage. It is also more environment friendly.

“Electric motors are the best thing since sliced bread,” he says with a smile before adding
“my battery lasts for about two days of fishing, perfect for a weekend. No smelly exhaust fumes. Being able to sit in silence makes for a perfect nature experience.”

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