Trolling is a method of fishing from a boat, where the fishing lines are drawn through the water behind a moving boat. You can catch good fish if you are lucky, and can fish from locations that are not accessible from land.
Cod, sea trout and mackerel are popular catches and it’s definitely a hobby that puts food on the table.

You can troll with one fishing rod or several at the same time. Both the boat and fishing tackle are pretty important for a good trolling outing, but it is easy to get started, even for beginners.
You can also go trolling in a smaller boat provided it is stable and secure.
With either a fuel engine or electric motor. The biggest advantage of an electric motor is that it is very quiet.
There are numerous very smart accessories that make trolling more comfortable and successful, such as rod holders and portable echo sounders to locate where the fish are. If you have GPS, it is worth making a note of the best fishing places for next time.
Sturdy fishing tackle is important as it will come under plenty of stress and strain.

Try to find out in advance what kind of fish can be found where you plan to go and adapt the bait or lures accordingly.
People who are experienced in trolling, say that the speed of the boat is at least as important as the bait or lure. If you use several rods, you can easily create the impression that a shoal of fish is following the boat. If the fish suddenly stop biting, try to slow down or increase the boat speed.
If you are going to fish and drive at the same time, it is even more important that the boat is tidy to avoid anyone stumbling and injuring themselves. Landing net, tools and similar should be securely attached or kept in safe storage while the boat is moving.
Do not forget a personal flotation device (PFD), non-slip footwear and decent clothes – everything is more fun when you can relax.

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