We can’t wait to present our very latest addition, the Pioner 16 Explorer. This spacious boat with plenty of accessories to choose from that enable you to make the very most out of your time on the water.

Over 60 years experience of manufacturing polyethylene boats have gone into the Pioner 16 Explorer. It is a modern design that combines fantastic solutions.

With the P16, you are spoilt for choice of equipment configurations, such as a broad console, one or two narrow consoles with hydraulic control, various seating arrangements and other practical equipment options.

The boat planes easily, is very  seaworthy and fully self-draining. It is certified for up to 60hp and offers good speed potential. It is the perfect boat for families, fishing, watersports and a very willing workhorse.

At Pioner, we want owning a boat to be simple.

Explore and build your own Pioner 16 Explorer in our configurator