The boat season is here. Build your own boat in our boat configurator, and create the boat that is perfect for you.

1. What type of boat would you like?

Naturally, all of us at Pioner think you simply cannot beat boating. Which is why we, and probably you too, are already looking forward to the new season and the fantastic feeling of the first boat outing of the year. But circumstances can change over time – maybe your family has gained new members or your growing passion for fishing means you need more space than before. Whatever the reason, you will find the perfect boat at Pioner. We have everything you need for wonderful family outings, fishing trips with friends or an all-rounder of a boat that can be used for most purposes. But… you can also design your own boat.

2. Build your own boat

We believe in freedom of choice and that you, as a current or prospective boat owner, know best. Which is why we have created a unique configurator that enables you to build your very own boat – so why be like everyone else? You can go down to a detailed level, and watch your future boat emerge in a matter of minutes.
You first choose which of our standard models you want as your starting point, i.e. the size of the hull. You can then customise your boat as follows:

  • Colour of the hull
  • Side rails
  • Engine model
  • Control console
  • Comfort
  • … and much more

3. Contact

When you are satisfied with the choices you have made for your future boat, we want the rest of the process to be just as easy. All you then have to do is enter your contact details, and your local dealer with then contact you for a chat about your boat and choices.

And… if you would like to make other modifications to your boat, you can do this whenever you wish and as many times as you like.