Boating is fun, communal, adventurous and gives you the travel bug. The list of possible boating activities can be long. Now and again, you also face challenges. Maybe you would like to know how best to maintain your boat, or what you should think about to ensure you drive the boat in a safe and environment friendly way?

We have put together everything you need to know about life on the water in one single place, Inspiration. Here, you can find inspiration for activities you can do with your boat, such as different kinds of fishing, and how best to moor the boat or how you can experience nature from the water. You can find out what kind of equipment you need to tow children in a tube behind the boat and how to choose a personal floatation device. You can also access a knowledge bank with practical information on owning a boat and FAQs on winterising your boat or about fire safety onboard. We have also produced check lists for boat security, a how to choose the right boat guide and plenty of other useful information.

Why not take a closer look right now and start dreaming about the 2020 boat season. Welcome.