The Pioner 14 Fisher is our newest model. It combines classical lines and exceptional driver comfort with modern details and a beautiful finish. Rope cleats have been integrated into the hull of the boat. A practical space on the port side is suitable for long objects, such as a boat hook and fishing rod. On the starboard side there is a space for smaller items, such as mobile telephones and wallets. The boat also has a battery area, space for a fuel tank under the stern thwart, and additional storage space under the middle thwart. The boat has considerable buoyancy and high flooring, and is perfect for today’s 4-stroke engines. A high freeboard allows you to remain dry and comfortable, even in the presence of waves. Pioner 14 Fisher is a spacious 14 foot boat for four people. Active boaters will gain a considerable amount of pleasure from this boat.
For fiskere av fiskere
För fiskare av fiskare
Colour none ...
Motor none ...
Uten motor|Utan motor|No engine|Ilman moottoria|Ohne Motor||
9,9/15HK med rorkult|9,9/15HK med rorkult|9,9/15HP with tiller|9,9/15HV kahvaohjauksella|9,9/15 PS mit Pinne||
9,9/15HK for styrekonsoll|9,9/15HK för styrpulpet|9,9/15HP Steering console|9,9/15HV Moottori kaukohallintalaitteella|9,9/15 PS für Steuerkonsole||
25HK med rorkult|25HK med rorkult|25HP with tiller |25hv kahvaohjauksella|25 PS mit Pinne||
25HK for styrekonsoll|25HK för styrpulpet|25HP Steering console|25hv Moottori kaukohallintalaitteella|25 PS für Steuerkonsole||
Steering & Seating none ...
Styrekonsoll|Styrpulpet|Steering console|Ohjauspulpetti|Steuerkonsole||
Vindskjermbøyle|Vindrutebåge|Windscreen rail|Tuulilasin kaari|Halte-/Schutzbügel f. Windschutzscheibe||
Ryggstøtte med puterull|Ryggstöd inkl. dynrulle|Back support|Selkänoja, sis tyyny|Rückenlehne||
Other equipment none ...
Lanternemast|Lanternmast|Lantern mast|Valomasto|Laternenmast||
Targabøyle med ryggstøtte og puterull|Targabåge inkl. Ryggstöd|A-Frame incl. backsupport|Targakaari, sis selkänoja tyynyllä|Targabügel inkl. Rückenlehne||
Rekkesett front|Sidoräcken för|Rails fore|RST sivukaiteet keulaan, sis haievät|Reling Bug||
Rekkesett akter|Sidoräcken akter|Rails stern|RST sivukaiteet perään|Reling Heck||
Brakett til ekkolodd|Givarfäste till ekolod|Bracket for sonar|Anturiteline kaikuanturille|Sensorhalter für Echolot ||
Extra choices none ...
No option detected for the component. You need at least one option per component.
Motorguide none ...
Uten baugmontert el-motor|Utan bogmonterad elmotor|No motorguide|No motorguide
Pakke 1 -12V "Portabel"|Paket 1 -12V "Portabel"|MotorGuide 12V Portabel|MotorGuide 12V Portabel
Pakke 2 -12V "Landstrøm"|Paket 2 -12V "Landström"|MotorGuide 12V LandstromXi3-70 60" 24V|MotorGuide 12V LandstromXi3-70 60" 24V
Pakke 3 -24V "Landstrøm"|Paket 3 -24V "Landström"|MotorGuide 24V LandstromXi3-70 60" 24VXi3-70 60" 24V|MotorGuide 24V LandstromXi3-70 60" 24VXi3-70 60" 24V
Ferskvann|Färskvatten|Fresh water|Fresh water
Saltvann|Saltvatten|Salt water|Salt water