What to pack to go boat camping

Posted on: 19/05/2020
What to pack to go boat camping
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What to pack to go boat camping

What you need to pack for a camping trip by boat, will mostly depend on how long you intend to be out, the time of year and weather conditions.

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Eat, sleep and have fun
Sleeping bags suitable for the time of year and temperatures
Sleeping pad or inflatable mattress to match your weight for a good night’s sleep
Warm clothes and a change of clothes

Cooking and eating
Camping stove, fuel and pans
Food that can be cooked quickly, that is enough for everyone and easy to carry
Chopping board
and , bowls, cutlery and mugs

Washing up sponge and liquid
Drinking water in containers
Toilet paper and bin sacks to take waste home in

Tools and Technology
Power bank for mobile phone
Pocket knife
Small axe to chop firewood

Rainwear and rain covers for baggage
First Aid Kit and blister plasters
Map and compass (your phone could stop working or be out of coverage area)
Mosquito repellent
Fuel for the boat
Sun cream