Environment friendly boating

Posted on: 08/05/2020
Environment friendly boating
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Environment friendly boating

A leisure boat offers great opportunities to enjoy magnificent nature experiences and recreation. Boats and people share the water and nature areas with fish, flora and fauna. It is therefore important that as a boat owner, you treat the environment with respect and take responsibility for it. There are plenty of things you can do yourself to reduce the impact on nature, and every little helps.

There are over a million leisure boats in the Nordic region, and they account for a significant amount of emissions during the boating season. The best thing you can do as a boat owner is to choose a boat that is made in a sustainable way with recyclable materials, and look after and maintain your boat to ensure it has the longest possible useful life. Reducing particulate and other emissions helps the environment.

Instead of using toxic antifouling to protect against algae and fouling, you can clean the boat when it is out of the water. Clean the boat with a wash brush or somewhere you can hose it down, or by hand. If you need to scrape the boat or use chemicals when cleaning, remember that scraping flakes and paint particles are classed as hazardous waste, and should be taken to a recycling station. You can also use a membrane cover at your berth to protect the hull. You can choose more environment friendly fuel and learn to drive your boat in a smarter and more eco-friendly way to reduce fuel consumption. Keep a couple of knots under the speed limit and turn off the engine instead of idling in neutral. Try to drive at a speed that is just below or above the planing threshold for even fuel consumption. If you switch from 95 octane to alkylate fuel, you can reduce emissions by up to 80%. Naturally, the best choice for the environment is an electric motor. Generally speaking, the same rules apply at sea as on land – do not use more than you need, sort waste and recycle as much as you can.


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