Boating in autumn

Posted on: 12/05/2020
Boating in autumn
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Boating in autumn

The water is still warm in the archipelago in the autumn. The holidaymakers have gone home and the marinas and bays are far less crowded. Go boating to take advantage of this delightful season.

At this time of year, it’s a good idea to make the trip itself the reason. As always, being well-prepared will make your outing a much better experience. A boat trip going here and there across still water, against a backcloth of small cabins on skerries and islets, brings balm to the soul. If you are fascinated by how nature and wildlife prepare for winter, you get a box seat view from a boat in the archipelago.
This time of year offers an absolutely magnificent nature experience with intensive colours in widely varying shades. Maybe you would also like to take the opportunity for a reasonable overnight stay outside peak season at one of the many tourist spots. It is far easier to find accommodation at popular marinas and idyllic bays in the autumn.

When you step ashore, go for a walk to explore the untouched nature areas you can find along the coast. A picnic in the woods puts a smile on everyone’s face. Where this is allowed, you can make a small camp fire and enjoy the warmth and crackling of the flames. Nothing beats taking some readymade food, fresh bread and something good to drink. Somehow, the coffee you brew and drink outdoors always tastes best. If you then go foraging after your meal, you may come across some wonderful mushrooms and other delights.

If you have not been out in your boat for a week or more, you should check that everything is working and that you have enough fuel. Bear in mind, the nights close in earlier, so it can be worth setting off early in the morning. The weather can be variable and change quickly, and you can encounter cold winds or fog. Take warm clothes and a hat so you can stay warm and dry.


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